Every opinion – point of view – on life, and issues, and things, has its owner.

In a world of conflictions we all express ourselves for the good, for bad, or for pure idealism.  We are rarely content just living it – maybe ’cause theory is great and life is somewhat challenging.

So somewhere, we’re all wanting others to share our view, understand us more, or just hear us say it.  Fortunately, today, we can all be great and proclaim to the world our POINTAVIEW.

I’m a 5th Generation African of mixed European descent – English, Dutch, German, French, Norwegian & Polish- born in South Africa; And currently living it up in the USA till the Dear Lord takes me somewhere else some day…

I am happily married for life to Allison – and we have a beautiful daughter and a cute son.

My aim in life is to be a successful follower of Jesus, and my beliefs are Middle Center leaning Fundamentalist Monotheist.
Politically I don’t believe that any “ism” offers significant or lasting solutions for the human condition.

Despite being a very experienced realist, I do have moments of idealism when I believe in good and in people.
I believe in hard work, right and wrong, taking care of what needs to get done right now, commonsense, “doing the right thing ‘cause it’s the right thing to do”, preparing for a “rainy day”, and watching your back.

My wide-ranging interests include a preoccupation with subjects relating to: –

Thus, by the powers vested in me through WordPress.com I now venture to ‘express’ my POINTAVIEW on the world and things! (Squishhhh)

Hello – hello.  Hello world.  Can you hear me?  Is there anybody out there…

Johan B. Bester


The World is Interested in YOUR Pointaview. Please Leave a Reply

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