New Years Revolutions?

New Years Revolutions?

Hmmmm… Just read that WordPress has launched a challenge for 2011 to help encourage folks to blog every day, or every week.  Basically WordPress wants to help inspire the aspiring to be more prodigious at blogging.

I like the idea of blogging every day or every week and think it really cool.  I doubt that I’ll be doing a blog a day, but hope to manage a biweekly blog this year.

I’ve a lot of stuff to say but, as I remarked to a real live friend during an actual face-to-face conversation this evening, I do not live online.  Got Things to do, places to go, friends to meet, and good food to sample and eat…

(To read more about ”The Post Every Day challenge” follow this link – “ “)

According to Scott Berkun ( of WordPress, “…Daily habits are the best way to make change happen. If you can remember to do something every day, by the end of the year, you’ll have done that thing over 300 times! Simple and amazing….”

Against my will and better judgment, that statement just gets me all a thinking about the “New Years Resolution hype”…  My head is positively spinning with all the topics churned up and ready to pop out!

Daily habits are the best way to make change happen;

Daily habits are the best way to make change happen;

Daily habits are the best way to make change happen;

Daily habits are the best way to make change happen

Before I get all carried away though, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed New Year filled with successful and meaningful accomplishments!  May your everyday be marked by small steps forward toward living life to your fullest potential; and by small acts of greatness that uplift others around you to achieve theirs!

Greatness is the measure by which the life service of one, positively marks the lives of many for the greater good of all.

This is my “resolution-wish” for all who read this. 🙂

Actually I don’t normally make any resolutions.  I’ve so often heard folks joke that New Years Resolutions are made to be broken, it seems almost to be a tradition in itself!  I too have broken my fair share of resolutions, so much so that, I just don’t make them any more.

I’m starting to move more toward wanting to adopt “change that will endure” for the right reasons.  Like doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do; and investing the extra effort up-front now, for the greater long-term reward.  (Yep, if you can believe it, I’m starting to talk like an “old fogy”!)

Therefore I’m thinking projects more than resolutions.  And I’m not demeaning the concept of “projects” either mind you.
It’s just that the word “project” seem to have a more substantial feel to it than the word “resolution”.  Heck, we’ve been hearing about UN resolutions forever, and how much has that changed?  No, people don’t keep resolutions, and really deep down – rarely do they actually intend to.  Sad, but true.

“Projects” remind me fondly of making stuff – of glue and paper and wood, yarn, paint, nails and a hammer…  Projects necessarily mean we are gonna get down and dirty; we are going to sweat it till we get it done.  This sucker thing is gonna get built and it is going to be great!  Right?  Remember ever experiencing something like that?  Making something tangible and feeling some measure of accomplishment?

Read a fortune cookie today which said that in this year I will be rich and famous… NO! I lie!  That’s a joke.
I read a fortune cookie today that said simply “A Dream is only a dream, but a Goal is the dream with a plan to achieve clear objectives within a predetermined time.
I like that.  I like that a lot. I might actually even become a apostle of fortune cookie lore!

I believe we need more “projects” with SMART goals and fewer “resolutions”.  Unless of course if one is really, really, really resolute about your resolve to actually do and accomplish your resolution…  Then maybe a New Years resolution here or there won’t be to bad.

But we so need projects with SMART goals!  And not just any old projects to pass the time.  We need projects that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  Tangible, “don’t just stand around there talking – do something!” real type projects…

(To read more about Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals and projects got to this article link by Top Achievement founder, Gene Donohue: )

Maybe someone should share this revolutionary advice with our politicians this year.  Wow!  That would be an awesome New Years project!  What say you?

Maybe we should all suggest to our local politicos that instead of just making some New Years resolutions, why not set a few SMART goals to actually get a few things (projects) done – “because it’s the right thing to do”.  And also suggest they put in some extra effort up-front now, for the greater long-term good of all (and not necessarily just to be re-elected)!

Ouch!  I’ll probably get stoned for my “revolutionary” thinking!

OK, all men in black suits aside…

What then, you might ask, do I have in mind as a New Years project if no “resolution” is on my agenda…  Well, for one, I will embark on some academic studies this year.

After just wingin’ it for the past few decades, I will now endeavor to formally catalog the archives of my life experiences into a systematic and scholarly frame of reference; possibly gain some critical thinking skills; and hopefully emerge with applicable qualifications to facilitate dynamic marketplace transformation.
Then I’ll start a anti-revolution, declare myself king, and hit the snooze button for just 5 more minutes before I need to wake up from the dream…

I promise I will keep you posted on how this all goes.

In the mean time, I would love to read your Pointaview on New Years Resolutions.  Is it all just a waste of time or can we actually get something out of this?  Post you comment, and I’ll respond.


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I am a 5th Generation African of mixed European descent - born in South Africa; And currently living it up in the USA till the Dear Lord takes me somewhere else some day... I am happily married for life, and my aim is to be a successful follower of Jesus. Despite being a very experienced realist, I do have moments of idealism when I believe in good and in people. I believe in hard work, right and wrong, taking care of what needs to get done right now, commonsense, “doing the right thing ‘cause it’s the right thing to do”, preparing for a “rainy day”, and watching your own back, amongst other.
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