It Was A Good Week That Started Off Well!

It Was A Good Week That Started Off Well!

Despite this being a great week, earlier this week I got highly miffed – ticked off, disgusted!  I have been ripped off and I want to fight this horrible injustice!  I’m riled up to want to get back what is rightfully and lawfully mine. 

We bought a product online through a reputable auction site (which offers total buyer protection and money back guarantees) and paid with a very secure, tried and trusted, online payment method (also with ironclad protection guarantees).  We were happy – that dreamed of, much desired electronic gadget was coming our way…

We were happy, that was till we were informed that, due to suspected fraud, the item we purchased has been de-listed and the seller banned.  What do you mean?  De-listed?  Banned?  How?  WAIT!  We have already paid! 
That very efficient and trusted payment system has already taken our good money and given it to that banned seller, who is not responding to our emails!

Don’t we all sometimes wish we could just hit the “undo button” on a few of life’s little “issues”?

As I said this was a great week – one of the best!  On Monday the 15th I started a new job!  This is significant because one month ago, on October 15th, I was permanently laid-off of work. 

It was long coming and not unexpected, but left me a ‘statistic’ of the economic downturn.  Determined not to remain a statistic for too long, I immediately launched myself into the hunt for a new job.

I had a plan and I was working a strategy: – ‘Socializing’ with friends and colleagues; Building a network of contacts; Working with recruiters and placement agents; Checking out online listings; And finally doing the good old ‘knocking-on-doors’ thang.

My goals were realistic but demanding: – At least three telephone contacts per day; Three applications per week; Hopefully one interview per week; And networking face-to-face with one or two contacts per week.

In addition to “the daily hunt”, I stayed busy at home and in the garden, continue to hone some of my skills, committed to some volunteer help, and started pursuing further education…

While I am sure that my active attitude kept my spirits up, I doubt that my actions alone landed me this great new job. 
Above all else I know that the prayers and support of family and friends, and the gracious provisions of God have brought me to this new happy place.
Once again, despite the economy and 100 other bad things happening all around everyday, God himself is able.  And He enables.

It was a good week that started off well.  On Sunday Pastor Bob challenged us around our true identity.  The message he brought applies to all: If we choose to be used in character with our true identity, and forget about our own creature comforts and self-centeredness, then we are destined for great works of service.

Consider these four Questions:
1. What issue bugs me?  Which issues bug you?  Maybe we are bugged about something because we ought to be.
2. How am I gifted and equipped?  Maybe I’m destined to bring about positive change in this bothersome situation?
3. What opportunities are in front of us?  Maybe we don’t have to look far to effect change?
4. Am I willing to take a risk?  Maybe we should step out of character and do what no one else is willing to do!

Herein lies the dilemma – am I just one of the crowd, or do I embrace fully the “change agent” I’m challenged to be…

So what bugs you?  What really bothers you and rubs you the wrong way? 
Which of these issues would actually still matter in a dozen years time?  Which of these issues would still matter or be of influence in a hundred years time?

When I sit to think about life and I manage to get beyond myself, I can come up with a whole list of things – “issues” – that concern and bug me, which I would like to see fixed in my community.

All around us are ‘issues’ out there very close by, that are “bugging” for the right person to pay attention.

Ever heard the slogan  “if you have the vision, you have the job”?
If you think it’s dark, turn the light on; If you believe someone should start a neighborhood campaign, then start it; If you want to encourage folks to stop littering, then you go do it!
Get it? 

All it takes for evil to thrive is for righteousness to silently stand by idle – in the crowd, watching.

OK, so now I’m challenged to the risk of taking issue and airing my point of view.  But how do I, we, us overcome what’s holding us back from being the change agents society needs us to be?
I still don’t want to look like an idiot, get rejected, have to spend to much money, get to uncomfortable, get out of my comfort zone, or suffer pain… 
That, and the lack of confidence.  “What could I do in any case?  I’m just one person…”  Right?

Next time I’ll continue this muse, and share something I’ve learned from an Onion!

Till then, let me know your thoughts and your Poitaview!


About Johan Bester

I am a 5th Generation African of mixed European descent - born in South Africa; And currently living it up in the USA till the Dear Lord takes me somewhere else some day... I am happily married for life, and my aim is to be a successful follower of Jesus. Despite being a very experienced realist, I do have moments of idealism when I believe in good and in people. I believe in hard work, right and wrong, taking care of what needs to get done right now, commonsense, “doing the right thing ‘cause it’s the right thing to do”, preparing for a “rainy day”, and watching your own back, amongst other.
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