Hello world!

Well this is my first post…  I know you figured that out ‘cause you’re smart like that.

Last week I received two encouraging responses to the FaceBook status update I posted – “to blog or not to blog…”  With that much support I knew I had struck on a sure thing, and that world fame is shortly to follow.  (That is a joke! Please grin. Thanks.)

What a heady concept though – Imagine millions of adoring fans worshiping you, hanging on your every utterance, emulating you, writing you, and even stalking you!
Imagine the power that comes from such worship and adoration?!  Imagine the awesome responsibility of wielding such a gift.
As the super hero movie once said it, “…with great powers, come great responsibilities”.

And that friend, has pretty much been my dilemma.  Just the awareness of being on the “world wide web” (all be it somewhat anonymously – my one little blog amongst one billion others – like one drop in an ocean) has me a little stage struck.  When I publish, someone might even read it!

I know of several folks who would jump at an occasion to goof-off to a mega audience even though the likelihood of more than twenty people ever reading about it was slim.  I take myself a little to serious for that.

I think of myself as mature and responsible, and as a representative of my beliefs, my ethics, my family, and my culture.  Not only am I “restrained” by these self-imposed perspectives and the assumed expectations of others, but greater even than these, in faith I cling to the dream of a ultimate purpose, a calling, and ‘the power of ONE’ to make a difference in the world.

Now I can already hear the “protests” rise over that statement!  Please, go ahead and let me know your point of view.  Leave a comment because I want to hear what you have to say.  I’ll even reply! :))

There is a point in all this: – What use is a mind if it is wasted?  What use is a good opinion if it’s never heard?  What would the future impact be if today’s ‘solutions’ were not voiced for another decade!
While every opinion might not be fresh or new, I’m sure that when like-minded folks find each other, the synergy of interaction could bring about many things, even the spark to a chain reaction.

Words are powerful.  Words can create, sooth, calm, heal, empower, establish, stir, destroy – like a double-edged sword, like a pouring rain, a raging river, a mighty wind, or a mass movement…

Behind our many words are many thoughts that voice the views, which issue from the hearts and live in the minds of the tongues that speak them.
For the good, the bad, or the indifferent, we feel entitled to express our opinions.  And so it is in the world, that much has been set in motion – which cannot be undone – by the words and opinions aired by someone.

In an ideal world all would be equal, and wisdom, fairness and justice would assure us the perfect place in the sun.  Unfortunately in real life goodness does not always triumph over evil.

The post-modernist, post-Christian, secular makeup of society has caused most all things to become relative to a point of view, a matter of opinion.  Fame and money have become the measures of success, and the media machine is the new way of communicating.

Drowned out on this world stage by the pulsating roar of the latest thing, “doing the right thing” has often become quaint, and unfashionable.  So much so, that on the fringes away from the glitz and glamor, many quiet opinions and sage views are sadly unheard and unheeded – voiceless views begging acclaim.

My decision to blog has been brewing.  See, I have these pet ‘issues and concerns’ that lie beyond my current circle of influence, but which preoccupy me.  I feel like a spectator, watching these things go by without being involved.  I look and listen and I think, but still I just feel like a member of the ‘silent majority’ trudging along in the crowd.

Now finally I’m jumping out, in to the arena to see what life can be like when one shows up to play!  I plan to voice my point of view, share my opinions, and speak up for what I believe.  I hope not to make a fool of myself, or add to the noise and the confusion out there (Please check me on this – promise).  And who knows if I might find some like minds, and strike a spark that could give voice to unheard wisdom.

Join me if you will, and feel free to comment and share your Pointaview with the world!


About Johan Bester

I am a 5th Generation African of mixed European descent - born in South Africa; And currently living it up in the USA till the Dear Lord takes me somewhere else some day... I am happily married for life, and my aim is to be a successful follower of Jesus. Despite being a very experienced realist, I do have moments of idealism when I believe in good and in people. I believe in hard work, right and wrong, taking care of what needs to get done right now, commonsense, “doing the right thing ‘cause it’s the right thing to do”, preparing for a “rainy day”, and watching your own back, amongst other.
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